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Providing quality learning modules for various topics that will help you to be able to better participate in our events. Made from scratch by our own team to be interactive, educational, and enjoyable.

Interactive Modules

Using a combination of article-style writing and Typeform, the team at Hack+Policy Foundation has created learning modules that are accessible to everyone free of charge. The problem with a lot of educative modules online is that they are either mind-numbingly boring or very expensive. Our learning modules aim to solve that issue by providing interactive and fun learning experiences for free. There are no other educative systems out there that are covering all the unique topics that we plan to cover. So make sure to keep an eye out for future updates!


Creating a Fusion (Hack+Policy) Project

New to hack+policythons? Don't know what to expect? Confused about what a Fusion project is? Don't worry! Find out all you need to know in this module!


Policy Brief Writing Tips

This module will help you get better acquainted with what policy writing is for, how it can be formatted, and what makes a good policy submission.


Hackathon Tips

During a hackathon, you’re going to be doing a lot of mind-intensive work and require you to be sedentary for a long duration of time. This module contains key tips to help you be successful in your next hackathon event.

More Coming Soon!

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